Went to the Amsterdam Coffee Festival this Saturday, drank too much coffee and had heated discussions on brewing methods. Here’s a few photo’s I took.


The Venue



Calling all hipsters!



Starbucks?! Really?

Couple of random takeaways:

  • Free coffee!
  • The festival was smaller then I thought it’d be, hopefully some more exhibitors next year.
  • Good way to taste coffee from some of the lesser known roasters or those without a store.
  • The mix between industry and consumer struck me as strange. Who was this “festival” really for? I mean, who’s gonna buy a water purification unit or a roaster for their home? And do industry types really need a Starbucks stand?
  • Starbucks having the biggest stand really makes no sense, certainly not if you want to promote artisan coffee.
  • Airbnb was there…